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Celebrating Employee Service at USciences
Posted: Monday, June 08, 2015
Contact:  Brian Kirschner
Contact Email:  b.kirschner@usciences.edu
Contact Phone:  215-895-1186
At its annual summer gathering, the University of the Sciences community celebrated employee service on Thursday, June 4, 2015. In addition to honoring employees with five or more years of service, University interim president  Marvin Samson presented the President’s Special Achievement Award to Ellen Carlson, associate registrar.

“Ellen has been an integral part of USciences for 29 years,” said Samson. “She was nominated by her coworkers and has consistently achieved.”

Photo 1, left to right: Alan Sims, registrar (retired); Therese M. Anderson, registrar; Ellen Carlson, associate registrar; and Marvin Samson, interim president.

Photo 2, left to right: Kate Purzycki, assistant chair, Biological Sciences; Ross Raddish, associate dean of students; and Laura Green, professional advisor.

The President’s Special Achievement Award is given to an employee for his or her outstanding work performance and achievement during the current academic year.

Former registrar Alan Sims, who retired in 2012 and under whom Carlson worked, made a surprise appearance saying, “Ellen is always clam in the midst of the storm.”

Two other awards recognize work with students. Kate Purzycki, assistant chair in the Department of Biological Sciences, was named the Faculty Adviser of the Year, while Laura Green, professional advisor in Academic Advising, was the Professional Adviser of the Year.

2015 Certificate List
5 Years of Service

Rachel B. Ackerman, BA, Biological Sciences
Wasim Anwar, MD, Biological Sciences
Nichole C. Battle-Walker, Philadelphia College of Pharmacy
Eric A. Evans, Public Safety
Susanne E. Ferrin, MS, Student Life
Shante T. Forbes, AA, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration
Valerie S. Ganetsky, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration
Kollie T. Kabbah, MS, Public Safety
Peter F. Madonna, BA, Admission
Christine M. McInaw, BA, Admission
Alicia C. Miller, BA, Student Health and Counseling
Robert W. Mueller, Jr., EdD, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Business
Leroy W. Norris, Facilities Services
Bela Peethambaran, PhD, Biological Sciences
Michael D. Petetti, Public Safety
JoAnn V. Rodgers, BS, Biomedical Writing
Donna L. Ryan, BBA, Academic Technology
Sanchita Sen, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration
Samuel Talcott, PhD, Humanities
Lisa A. Thayer, MEd, Misher College of Arts and Sciences
Aimee K. Viggiani, MA, Admission
Nathan West, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Chaz E. Wood, Facilities Services

10 Years of Service
Danny A. Benau, PhD, Biomedical Writing
Bin Chen, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Sharon A. Dancy, MS, Public Safety
Brigid K. Isackman, MBA, Controller's Office
Zhiyu Li, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences
Zhiwei Liu, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Janet E. Lyons, Med, Academic Advising   
Carmela Matthews, BA, Occupational Therapy
Karen M. Miller, BS, Controller's Office
David Moore, Facilities Services
Lora B. Packel, PhD, Physical Therpay
Claudia F. Parvanta, PhD, Social Sciences
Jesse O. Phillips, Campus Recreation
Laura Pontiggia, PhD, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
Colleen M. Power, AA, Financial Aid
Diane M. Raspanti, Registrar's Office
Elizabeth V. Smith, Public Safety
Gregory T. Thielman, PT, EdD, Physical Therapy
Carl Walasek, MS, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
James C. Yarrish, Academic Affairs
Douglas A. Zediker, Facilities Services

15 Years of Service
Martin B. Beckerman, BA, Controller's Office
Paula L. Kramer, PhD, Occupational Therapy
Long Hoang Tran Le, Information Technology
Frederick T. Schaefer, PhD, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Jean M. Scholtz, PharmD, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration
Janice Colquitt-Stokes, BA, Finance and Administration
Yen Minh Thi Ta, BS, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration
Robert J. Votta, PhD, Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Busines
20 Years of Service
William Horton, Academic Technology
Ruth Schemm, EdD, OTR/L, Health Policy
Renee L. Siegel, MS, Safety

25 Years of Service
Pardeep K. Gupta, PhD, Pharmaceutical Sciences
William F. McGhan, PhD, Pharmacy Practice/Pharmacy Administration
Danita L. Peterson, Facilities Services

30 Years of Service
Tarlok S. Aurora, PhD, Mathematics, Physics and Statistics
Hilda V. Cam, Information Science
Suzanne K. Murphy, PhD, Misher College of Arts and Sciences

35 Years of Service
Robert L. Manbeck, MA, Humanities
Robert Marshall, Facilities Services
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