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Where Does My Annual Fund Gift Go?

EVERY GIFT TO UNIVERSITY OF THE SCIENCES at every level adds up to an investment in our students’ careers  — and in our collective future. Under Giving Opportunities, you will find many ways to support USciences. Here are a few examples of how an Annual Fund gift, joined with those of other alumni and supporters, makes an important and immediate impact.

20 gifts of $25 ($500)
added one treatment table for physical and occupational therapy students.

25 gifts of $50 ($1,250)
funded the community partnerships and service learning programs budget for the Honors Program for one year.

27 gifts of $75 ($2,025)
filled the library photocopier — free to students — with copy paper for an entire year.

35 gifts of $100 ($3,500)
inoculated all of our students with free flu shots.

16 gifts of $250 ($4,000)
installed a new treadmill for the Athletic Recreation Center.

32 gifts of $500 ($16,000)
helped students on campus travel safer for a month with Penn Transit Rides after 6:00 p.m.

10 gifts of $1,000 ($10,000)
registered the 43 students attending this year’s American Public Health Association Meeting and Exposition.

10 gifts of $2,500 ($25,000)
built a new emergency callbox on campus.

Please note that all costs are approximate and rounded off.

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